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1. 10th June 2012 – Guest Frank Ifield. Frank spoke of the influences on his career, his work in Nashville and his present day activities helping new young country artistes in Australia to make it overseas. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2013/audio/frank-ifield-listen-again

2. 24th June 2012 – Guest busker Diane Hunt. Diane has lived in Canada, Australia and the UK and has picked up musical influences everywhere she lived. She had a lot of fun talking about those influences and playing her favourite records and also sang several songs in the studio. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2013/audio/diane-hunt-listen-again

3. 5th August 2012 – Guest Nicki Gillis – Award-winning Australian singer / songwriter. Nicki was in the UK on tour and dropped in to chat with Paul. There were some amusing moments and also some very poignant ones. Nicki also sang a couple of songs in the studio. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2013/audio/nicki-gillis-listen-now

4. 17th March 2013 - Interview with Slim and Byron Whitman. Slim Whitman is the most requested artiste on “World Of Country”. With so many listeners loving his music it was a treat to have him and singer / songwriter / producer and multi-instrumentalist son Byron join Paul on the telephone from their home in Florida for a 95 minute chat with music. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2013/audio/slim-whitman-son-byron-17th-march

5. 23rd June 2013 – Slim Whitman memorial Show. Ironically, not very long after the interview, Slim passed away. This show was one of our most popular ever and paid tribute to Slim and his stellar career, with a few of the people that knew him calling in to tell of their experiences of the great man. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2013/audio/paul-hazells-world-of-country-slim-whitman

6. 1st September 2013 – Guest Wayne Horsburgh – Award-winning Australian star and western music performer. Singer and yodeller Wayne Horsburgh is a true ambassador of country music, having worked extensively through Australia, New Zealand, USA, the UK, Ireland, etc over many years. He joined Paul to talk about his experiences, influences and recordings. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2013/audio/wayne-horsburgh-live-at-uckfield-fm

7. 29th September 2013 – Guest Frank Ifield. Frank joined Paul again during a visit to the UK. The theme this time was the great influencers of country music. Paul and Frank played a wide range of artistes – each a major influence on country music in their own right – and of course there were several of Frank’s own recordings. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2013/world-of-country-tracklists/world-of-country-290913

8. 13th October 2013 – guests singer / songwriter duo Kevin Barber and Mark Taylor. Kevin and Mark are a very popular acoustic duo who work a lot through the South East of England. They are very talented multi-instrumentalists and also write a lot of their own songs. Our international listenership were delighted to discover such a great talent. The guys talked about their influences and their music, played a range of material – including a some of their own - from CD and performed a few songs live in the studio. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2013/audio/kevin-barber-mark-taylor-with-paul-hazell

9. 24th November 2013 – included a special feature on New Zealand country music. Whilst Nashville is recognised as the global centre of country music, there are many other sources too and not only in the USA! The New Zealand scene is lively and has produced many superb artistes but the recordings are rarely heard internationally. This show included a special segment focussing on some of the great recordings from the New Zealand country scene. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2013/audio/paul-hazells-world-of-country-241113

10. 22nd December 2013 Christmas special including interviews with Byron Whitman and Wayne Horsburgh. The show included many Christmas favourites and was very popular with listeners. It also included telephone interviews with Byron Whitman and Wayne Horsburgh. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2013/audio/paul-hazells-world-of-country-221213

11. 26th December 2013 – Boxing day Special with guest Frank Ifield. The show with Frank back in September 2013 was packed full of legendary country artistes and was very well received so Paul and Frank got together again before Frank returned to Australia and recorded this second volume of music and chat about the “Legends Of Country”. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2014/audio/paul-hazells-world-of-country-26th-december-2013

12. 5th January 2014 – included tributes to Ray Price, Phil Everly and Houston Wells, who had all passed away over the Christmas period. This show included the usual range of country music in many different styles but was especially in demand because of the tributes to three great artistes who had passed away over the Christmas period. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2014/audio/paul-hazells-world-of-country-050114

13. 2nd February 2014 – Guest singer / songwriter Kathryn Anderson. Kathryn is a local singer songwriter who had given up her “day job”, financed herself to fly to Nashville and there joined the Songwriters Association, networked with key industry players and recorded a mini-album. On her return, she joined Paul to talk about what she had learned about country music and to play some of the artistes that she most loves. The result was a very eclectic mix of new and old. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2014/audio/world-of-country-020214

14. 16th February 2014 – Guest Australian country singer Johnny Heap. One of life’s gentlemen, Johnny Heap has enjoyed a long career on the Australian country scene and joined Paul via the telephone to talk about his music and the artistes that have influenced him. Johnny’s gentle ballad voice charmed the listeners and he has since become a favourite on the show, often joining us on the chat room! Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2014/audio/johnny-heap

15. 2nd March 2014 – Guest singer / songwriter / producer Jamie Freeman. Jamie is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, promotor and producer who also runs a music and CD shop! So he is involved in just about every aspect of the business that you can imagine! He came to country music from rock and his choice of music to play provided a fascinating overview of how wide country music is! Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2014/audio/world-of-country-3rd-march

16. 16th March 2014 – Guest western music historian, journalist and broadcaster O J Sikes. O J is much respected in the industry, as well as being an advisor to the Western Music Association in the USA. He has first-hand experience of many of the great names from the Hollywood cowboy era as well as the western music of today. O J joined Paul by telephone from his home in the USA to share some wonderful anecdotes about the silver screen singing cowboys and to play some wonderful western music from several decades. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2014/audio/world-of-country-16th-march

17. 30th March 2014 – Guest Kevin Glaser, author of the new book on Tompall Glaser, plus a special for Mothers’ Day featuring some real rarities! Tompall was a legend and in addition to being a key member of the famous Glaser brothers, was also a pioneer of the “outlaw” movement in Nashville that sought to reintroduce the rawness and authenticity of country music during an era when strings and choruses were ruling Music City. His nephew, Kevin Glaser, joined Paul to talk about his experience of his famous Uncle and about the new book he has recently published about Tompall’s life. In addition, it was also Mother’s Day in the UK and Paul featured some favourites and some rare songs about mothers from the country music archives! Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2014/audio/paul-hazells-world-of-country-300314

18. 22nd June 2014 – Guest Brian Golbey, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and founding member of the British Archive Of Country Music. Brian is a multi-talented artiste and also a tireless worker for the preservation of traditional, old timey and western music. He provided a fascinating choice of wonderful songs and music to delight every country fan and spoke of his career and influences and his involvement with the British Archive Of Country Music. http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2014/audio/world-of-country-with-brian-golbey

19. 6th July 2014 – celebration of the life of Jerry West, a leading and influential UK steel guitar player who went on to play with Slim Whitman for many years through from 1970. Jerry passed away recently and this show featured anecdotes from some of the people who knew and worked with him, as well as some very rare examples of his work through the years. Link: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2014/audio/world-of-country-tribute-to-jerry-west

20. 7th December 2014 – Guest Mandy Winters, international country and cabaret artiste and daughter of Ronnie Winters, who was a great favourite on the UK scene for many years. Mandy spoke of her influences, her career and her love of western music. http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2014/audio/world-of-country-with-mandy-winters

21. 26th December 2014 – South Sea islands Music Special. Three hours of music connected with the south seas featuring Hawaiian and other artistes including popular performers and many country favourites. Also lots of beautiful steel guitar from some of the best in the business! http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2015/audio/south-sea-islands-special-261214

22. 26th April 2015 – A special show with a downunder feel as World Of Country celebrates the ANZACs, the outback town of Gundagai and pays tribute to the late bush balladeer singer and songwriter Gavan Arden who passed away unexpectedly recently http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2015/world-of-country-tracklists/world-of-country-260415

23. 28th June 2015 – The show included a substantial tribute to New Zealand award-winning singer songwriter Noel Parlane who had recently passed away. A popular gentleman as well as a highly talented singer and songwriter, Noel passed away at the all-too-early age of 64. The whole show – including the tribute – can be heard at this link:

24. 9th August 2015 – The show included a special interview with Nashville singer songwriter Jimmy Payne. Jimmy joined Paul to talk about his music and to play some of the many recordings made of his songs by top country artistes

25. 6th September 2015 - Paul was joined in the studio by award-winning New Zealand singer, songwriter and publicist Aly Cook, who is also a member of the highly successful group The Sou’Westers. Aly dropped in during her European tour and this led to 3 fascinating hours of chat and music covering old and new styles of country. http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2015/audio/world-of-country-feat-aly-cook

26. 20th September 2015 – the welcome return of Frank Ifield as Paul’s guest. The two embarked on a fun-filled 3 hours of surprisingly varied music on the theme “Country influences pop and pop influences country” http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2015/audio/world-of-country-with-frank-ifield-20th-sept-2015

27. 26th December 2015 – following on from the success of last year’s “World Of Country South Sea Island Music special” this Christmas we had two more shows and this is the first of them. Join Paul for 2 hours of beautiful, relaxing music and songs about the sun-drenched beaches, rolling surf, waving palm trees, blue skies and dancing hula girls of Hawaii and other South Sea islands. The show featured some wonderful steel guitar, ukuleles and singers from the islands themselves as well as contributions from the country and popular fields. http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2016/audio/world-of-country-south-sea-islands-special

28. 27th December 2015 – the World Of Country Christmas Special. 3 hours of Carols and Christmas songs performed by country music stars. The Christmas shows are always much requested and so this one is being made available to listen again as soon as our technician has time to complete the preparations http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2015/audio/world-of-country-festive-edition

29. 1st January 2016 – following on from the success of the Christmas 2014 “World Of Country South Sea Island Music special” this Christmas we had two more shows and this is the second of them. Paul presented another 2 hours of beautiful, relaxing music and songs on the South Sea islands theme. The show featured more wonderful steel guitar, ukuleles and singers from the islands themselves as well as contributions from the country and popular fields. http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2016/world-of-country-tracklists/world-of-country-010116

30. 21st February 2016 – the entire show was dedicated to the music of the Carter Family dynasty. Not just the original Carter Family but also the 2nd and 3rd generations. The music was as varied as ever – including many covers by artistes around the world of the songs made famous by the Carters. There were so many songs to be played that Paul had to fade some of the songs early in order to fit more in! The chatroom was very busy and feedback suggests that the whole show was very well received! http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2016/audio/world-of-country-the-carter-family

31. 10th July 2016 This edition of Paul Hazell’s World of Country included a tribute to Ralph Stanley
Ralph was a bluegrass legend and a pioneer in the genre, he passed away on 23 June aged 89. You can hear the entire programme again right here, including some yodelling! http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2016/audio/world-of-country-ralph-stanley-tribute
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